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Let Us Protect the Seas — The Lifeblood of Humanity

LET US BE KIND TO ALL IN OUR LIVES — PEOPLE, CREATURES, THE EARTH. Let us be stalwart in our stewardship of the earth and the seas. Our earth needs us. Let us be champions who heal the earth and … Continue reading

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Undersea Bench

Beautiful! Enticing! And definitely better than the #twump (@stephencolbert) parallel reality we are in right now. #keepEPAstrong  

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Amidst Forest Fires, One Colorado Woman Brings Rain

Averting Forest Fires Update June 29, 2012 (during a rash of Colorado wildfires and the two worst in Colorado’s history) Miss B: “I am so thankful to be able to live in Colorado, in the foothills, with great views and … Continue reading

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True story: Moving Strong Winds

Katie to Charol: “We’ve had significant winds [Wyoming]. Last night was kinda scary – dark clouds, whistling wind, etc. I was pretty nervous. So I decided to use what I read in the workbook [Intuition for Every Day] about calling … Continue reading

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